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Before you start using betnovate, wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

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Initially I was fair enoughDue course of time my skin colour changed into dark brownAm using betnovate-c and also weekly once aloevera but there is no resultSo please suggest me to get my fairness back.

Howeverthe above methods don’t have the best success long-termThat’s why many doctors look to surgery as the answerCircumcision is the most common treatment for phimosisas it removes the foreskin and immediately resolves the issueHoweversome men will opt for a partial circumcisionwhich means that the surgeon makes a series of tiny incisions in the foreskin to help it open upbut doesn’t remove it entirely.

HelloI have spots of acnes and small poxesCan betnovate C or betnovate N can help me to reduce these spots?

Never use potent steroids cream like Betnovate,Lobate,quadriderm,panderm,fourderm,for any skin problem on any part of body because after initial improvement of symptoms like itchingthese steroid creams will aggravate the problem and may cause long lasting and somtimes permanent side effects like rashessensitive skinrecurrent infection,acnedryness stretch mark etc.

Fungal rashes can at times be mistaken for other skin conditionsfor examplepsoriasis and eczemaFungal skin diseases can bring about a number of skin rashessome of them being redtextured and itchyThe organism can influence only one regionor a few zones of your bodyIn the event that you get a fungal disease of your scalpyou might lose some hairThere are steps which can be performed in order to protect yourself from getting a parasitic skin contamination:

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betnovate is a highly potent medication and therefore may be recommended as a haemorrhoids treatment if other medications have proved ineffective.

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