but the conservatives mismanaged money so badly for moncler

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If a couple of incidents don say much about the million Muslims moncler outlet in Canada then how is the one mosque shooting in Canadian history supposed to be an example of how dangerous the alt right is?

An Islamist terror attack doesn say anything about the moncler sale online millions of Muslims in Canada, but it does cheap moncler jackets mens say something moncler womens jackets about militant jihadism, an ideology which a tiny minority of Muslims are swayed by. Similarly this mosque shooting doesn say anything about the millions of of conservative white people in Canada, but it does say something about the radical right wing ideology which a tiny minority of them are swayed by.

UnrepentantSaint 4 points submitted 7 days ago

I want to avoid a potential shit show, but there are suble and deep rooted differences in (judeo)christian and islamic schools of thought

Avoiding as much controversy as possible, one of the main tenants that conflicts with judeochristian philosophy is the cheap moncler sale idea that in some form or another islam and its related tenants will eventually win best moncler jackets over all others. You can argue that it «implied» with judeochristian, but its uk moncler sale pretty explicit in mainstream islamic theology. Yes, not every X is Y, but I trying to provide some background info on the issue.

Also, the islamic phiolsophy generally has a more deterministic view than standard judeochristian thought which is actually a fascinating read if you have that time. 1 points submitted 7 days ago

And how do these differences have relevance to whether practicing Muslims are qualified to be visibly muslim police officers? The philosophical trends you identify are not fundamental to or isolated moncler outlet prices to either side of your comparison, so they can hardly be used as a valid justification for the above user argument. I moncler outlet store agree that there are cultural differences, but moncler outlet online the point is those differences are moncler outlet sale not fundamental or inherent, which is what implied when people try to make appeals to «Euro Christian values» 34 points submitted 9 days ago

That state department report says in its Potential Spill Risks Alternatives Comparison (ES.5.4.3), on the exact page you cited, that taking no action would result in a greater amount of spilled cheap moncler jackets oil than building the pipeline would, and notes that rail transport would also lead to increased risk of injury and fatalities than building the pipeline would entail. This is in spite of its assertion that pipelines release more oil per ton mile than rail does when directly compared, because there are more factors at play moncler usa in shipping oil long distances than just the direct comparison from rail to pipeline.

The number of barrels released per year for the No Action scenarios is higher than what is projected for the proposed Project or the other pipeline alternatives (as detailed in Table ES 7) because of the alternate modes of transport in the No Action scenarios.

While this issue is of course not as cut and dry as cheap moncler jackets womens the Fraser Institute would want you to think, the state department report does not seem to support your assertion that it cut and dry in the other direction either. In fact, if «safer» refers specifically to danger moncler sale to persons rather than the environment, as I suspect many pro pipeline people mean it to, then this report supports the assertion in that it claims that alternatives to the pipeline would likely lead to more injuries and fatalities.

Gay_Diesel_Mechanic 18 points submitted 11 days ago

yeah i a centrist, and i probably vote for the conservatives federally, but NDP provincially. notley really did a shitty job implementing the carbon tax during a recession, which made people hate her. but the conservatives moncler outlet mismanaged money so badly for moncler outlet woodbury 40 years that they fucked themselves over too. bringing standard workers rights to farms, not ending door to door mail delivery, trying to get multiple pipelines built are all pretty positive things. jason kenney on the other hand just reacts with emotion and inflates numbers. he doesn even have a platform for uk moncler outlet what he wants to do if he gets in power. i would have voted UCP if brian jean was in power, but cheap moncler coats mens forget it now. 9 points submitted 15 days ago

I think the biggest problem is that police are not adequately prepared to de escalate situations. They don have the necessary either support or expertise to do so. I think saying cops are lazy and that leads to shooting is a real stretch of credibility, but the point that they are afraid is vitally important they are afraid often for good reason, and simply do not have the tools necessary to protect themselves without violence. This is both a resource and a cultural problem for police services.

Caveat: there are bad faith cops who do stuff for shitty reasons, but they are the minority. Most of the terrible things we see police officers do are encouraged by the institutional culture of police, and attributing individual blame to an officer is often insufficient. And of course, this same culture encourages and empowers the bad faith cops too.

I think the biggest problem is that people who are drugged out or mentally ill and are threatening people with a weapon moncler sale outlet as a result don respond to attempts to de escalate situations. They already acting irrationally.

That all this moncler online store report is really moncler uk outlet saying. People who aren in an irrational state of mind will typically surrender when the police show up, because they don wanna get shot, and they smart enough to figure out the consequences of their actions.

The same discount moncler jackets cannot be said for people who are threatening others due to mental illness or acute drug issues. 6 points submitted 15 days ago

This is a really bad way to misunderstand mental illness. You make it sound like these people are animals. People are extremely rarely irrationally violent. Instead they are likely extremely stressed, confused, and themselves afraid. The idea that they cannot be de escalated is false in the vast majority of cases they are. It just that it https://www.monclerdownjacket.biz is difficult and requires training and understanding which police simply do not tend to have.

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