I was very frustrated by people who wanted to wait until

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One dress raising awareness of slavery

cheap moncler coats Last year, Amy Seiffert learned that her hometown of Toledo, Ohio, ranked 4th in the United States in the number of arrests, investigations and rescues of buy moncler jackets toronto underage victims of sex trafficking. moncler jackets men So moncler outlet kids Seiffert decided to do something about it.

She pledged to wear the same dress for six months and donate the money she would have otherwise spent on clothes, and raise money and awareness for The Daughter Project, a local organization building a cheap moncler jackets shelter for girls rescued from sex trafficking.

cheap moncler sale cheap moncler She blogged about it, she spoke out about it, and before long, others were inspired to follow in her footsteps.

monlcer down jackets This idea is very weird. Just the thought that you need to buy new dresses so often points to a very bizarre attachment to consumerism at its worst. Is she saying she needs to replace her dresses in less than six months? They can even Official Moncler Outlet go out of fashion that fast. moncler coats A good quality piece of clothing should last moncler chicago for years if properly cared for. What the heck is this woman and womens moncler jackets her followers doing to their clothes?? How much are you spending on clithes that NOT buying a new dress would amke any significant impact on charitable donations? This is why people are going bankrupt and in foreclosure. They CANNOT stop buying and spending. This is a mental disorder. She needs to get help. Please enlighten me. I don cheap moncler coats for women get it.

moncler sale outlet June 7, 2011 at 12:38 pm Reply

I think discount moncler jackets the point behind it is two fold. (1) To raise awareness. Obviously those people who see her multiple times over the course of the 6 months will notice that she is wearing the same outfit. That sparks a conversation moncler outlet online store where she can tell them about the project. The idea is that they will, moncler coats for cheap in turn, tell moncler jackets mens some of their friends/family/coworkers about the charity and hopefully some of them will donate. Which moncler coats for women brings me to the second point. (2) To moncler outlet raise money. I don think this woman is saying that she goes out and buys a new outfit everyday. But, over the course of 6 moncler jackets for women months, the average person will spend SOME money on clothes whether it is for a special occasion or to replace worn out moncler outlet uk clothes. It is relatively easy to figure out how much you spent in a prior 6 month period on clothes, and then just moncler jackets canada donate that same amount to moncler outlet online the charity. If you wear the same dress every single day for 6 months, yes, it will need to be replaced. She not just refraining from purchasing new clothing for six months, Discount Moncler Coats she is wearing discount moncler outlet the same thing. Of course if you had actually taken the time to read the article and let it sink in you would know that. I sure that you only have 3 outfits(a formal, for yardwork, housework, etc, and a work outfit) and only eat 1200 1500 calories a day, do not drive a vehicle, turn off every light, take 5 minute showers, etc, THEN you can say how others spend their money. I do not know a single perfect person in the world that does every one of those things. Everyone spends. If no one spent, the economy would be worse off than it already is, as nobody would have jobs in retail, and manufacturing. Obviously you don get it, cause you didn read the article completely. Perhaps this is a matter of where a person lives. I could show up in the same outfit for a considerable while before anybody would see it as odd enough to comment on. I imagine that if I moncler coats cheap lived in the world of the City there might be some comments from my friends at tea, but not here in small town Canada. Wearing a button would bring faster attention.

Also, nothing I spend on clothes in any six month period would be worth a CNN article. I do shop, just not so very much, and not for clothes, shoes, handbags or whatnot.

That said, I support any Cheap Moncler plan to change this dreadful situation. If it works in your circles, do it. If you live a different lifestyle, you should try something else.

cheap moncler jackets toronto moncler jackets June 12, 2011 at 11:59 am Reply

moncler sale I am a senior in college in Columbus, Ohio and a group of about 12 girls just finished wearing the same dress for 10 weeks. It was amazing! Students were able to see us in our classes, in our dorms, all over moncler jackets cheap campus. And it was very effective. We were able to share about the campaign to raise awareness and even some men got involved by wearing the same shirt or colors every week. We worked with an organization called DOMA (which means It is a safe house moncler outlet woodbury in Columbus for victims of trafficking. We also had a huge event at the end of the quarter called Speaks. Hundreds of people attended. A judge who handles cases in sex trafficking to help free women spoke as well as a woman who shared her testimony of what it was like when she was involved in trafficking. People moncler coats for kids left changed. The campaign was extremely eye opening and something we will never forget. We were moncler jackets on sale inspired by Amy because she moncler jackets outlet decided cheap moncler jackets wholesale to take a stand against human sex trafficking in such a unique way. We not only raised money but raised awareness that trafficking occurs right here in Columbus and it an issue we need to address.

moncler outlet sale June moncler coats outlet 7, 2011 at 7:22 pm Reply

moncler mens jackets Honestly, there are so many anal people here! Apparently she spends some money or she would not have bothered using this as a means to gather money to donate. Just because you wear things until they fall off your body does not mean everyone does. I am by no means considered a horse nor do I buy designer anything, but I do spend several hundred dollars in any 6 month period on a new shirt or pair of pants here or there. It a great idea so why can we just applaud her idea and expand on it instead of ridiculing it?

moncler outlet June 12, 2011 at 6:08 am ReplyI do spend several hundred dollars in any 6 month period on a new shirt or pair of pants here or there YOU SERIOUS??? Several HUNDRED?? Unless you are a Fortune 500 CEO or a Hollywood A Lister, you are WAYYYYY to materialistic. THAT moncler coats sale is one contributing reason why this country is in the toilet, financially. am STILL shaking my head here.

moncler outlet store Slave trading is some awful stuff. Yes, I saw the movie But like illicit drugs, moncler outlets usa it is almost impossible to stamp out as long as there is a demand for it. And unfortunately there are certain scum out there who demand it.

cheap moncler outlet With that being said, not moncler jacket outlet too clear on how wearing the same dress for a while helps the issue. Does she also not shower or use deoderant? Is the idea to stink as much as possible to raise awareness? Admittedly I moncler jacket online did not read the article. I am a busy person.

buy moncler jackets June 11, 2011 at 9:58 pm Reply

This is a situation that is getting worse and worse.

Recently during, before and after the Super Bowl agents at airports, bus terminals, cab driver train staff all underwent special training to help them spot suspicious activity that could be related to sex trafficking. moncler jackets outlet online Apparently around the time of https://www.mymoncleroutlet.com the Super Bowl wherever it held this heinous crime increases in that area. Please visit her website, check out her designs they are beautiful moncler outlet mall and extremely decently priced. Profits go towards an organization that works directly with those who are victims of moncler coats for men this crime. Please check it out, it another way to help. I was very frustrated by people who wanted to wait until everyone gave thier availability before they responded with thier times moncler outlets uk to meet. This made scheduling a meeting in a reasonable time frame difficult. It also allows the invitees to see the available times for people who ahve already responded.

cheap moncler September 11, 2012 at 6:32 pm Reply

moncler outlet online We need more people like Amy. Americans tend to be poorly informed about the issues facing us, but when Amy became aware of a problem, instead of making some cynical comments about it or just feeling bad about it for 15 minutes and moving on because it didn affect her Moncler Factory Outlet directly, she accepted an unpleasant reality, chose to learn more about it, and decided she would try to do something to help combat the problem.

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