TheWrap: Were you familiar with the book before the movie came

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Canada Goose sale Swinton latest, which has made her canada goose a dark horse Oscar candidate, is Need to Talk About Kevin, an intense, intimate and disquieting drama drawn from Lionel Shriver novel about a woman struggling through the aftermath of a horrific crime committed by her son.Her performance is often wordless; she may canadian goose jacket be the only person in the family aware of the depths of evil that reside within her son (played by Ezra Miller and two younger actors), but she unable to communicate with her husband (John C. Reilly) or turn to anyone in the aftermath of Kevin canada goose clearance actions.Oscilloscope Laboratories is opening the film on December 9 for a one week Oscar qualifying buy canada goose jacket run. Its commercial release begins on January 27.Swinton flew to Los Angeles from her home in Northern Scotland for the Governors Awards earlier in the month. Not surprisingly, she out of canada goose uk shop the loop when canada goose uk outlet it comes to Hollywood buzz when I told her that Billy Crystal had signed on to host the Oscars just moments before we Canada Goose sale met, she was completely unaware of the turmoil that had surrounded the show in the previous few days.TheWrap: Billy Crystal just tweeted that he hosting the Oscars. and people were talking about something. But the news doesn reach those of us who live on other planets.TheWrap: Yeah, the original producer had to quit because he canada goose coats said is for fags at a Q and then talked about his Canada Goose online sex life on the Howard Stern show.Swinton: How fantastic! How buy canada goose jacket cheap fantastic.TheWrap: You went through that uk canada goose outlet circus once, with Clayton.Swinton: Well, apparently so, but canada goose factory sale it Canada Goose Parka didn feel like it. I was somehow oblivious at the time. I trying to remember anything from it. I think maybe the second time you can feel it happening. It like taking an anesthetic the first time. You don feel it going in.TheWrap: I cheap canada goose uk understand your agent has your Oscar.Swinton: My agent canada goose coats on sale has my Oscar. His canada goose black friday sale Oscar. I Canada Goose Jackets gave it to him.TheWrap: I Canada Goose Online expected Need to Talk About Kevin to be disturbing, and it was, But I didn expect it to be as lyrical as it was.Swinton: Did you know the book?TheWrap: No, I didnSwinton: The book is a lot less lyrical. Because she is someone canada goose store who is. is not exactly the word that I use, but she is definitely someone who is interested in atmosphere, particularly a kind of atmosphere of discomfort.And it was important that it be beautiful. It got a kind of elegiac quality, this feeling canada goose clearance sale of her nostalgia for this life, as well as being a horror story.TheWrap: Were you familiar with the book before the movie came along?Swinton: Yeah, I was. I knew the book, and I was very keen to know what Lynne was doing next, and very interested that she had chosen to adapt this book. There had been this really unwieldy gap of time since (Ramsay 2002 film) Callar, and I was wanting to help her make another feature film in any way I could. But then this point came when it became clear that I wanted to be in it.I can really remember if it was my idea or hers.And to be honest, I think it was partly to do with a sort of huge budget cut that we faced at a certain point. I always hate to say this, because it sounds like I Canada Goose Coats On Sale arguing for the stringencies of people cutting budgets, but it uk canada goose became very clear that we were only going to get about half of what we wanted. Which meant that we were going to really have to streamline it and reduce the social context. And there had to be less people in it, less locations. More claustrophic, in fact. Much more Greek. All the action had to take place offscreeen.The cheaper it got, the better it got. But that not always the case.TheWrap: So the more it departed from the book, the more it improved?Swinton: Well, it became much clearer as a Lynne Ramsay film. The book is very much about someone who trying to work it out. She writing letters, trying to work out what happened, trying to explain it to herself and to her husband. It quite a political book about Bush era America, and it very socially aware. And we sort of pulled out of that, and locked into her cheap Canada Goose mind, her memories, her fantasies, her nightmares.It became a sort of phantasmagoria, and the more it became about cheap Canada Goose Coats someone who is lonely, who doesn have anybody to talk to or to canada goose uk black friday explain things to, the more it became interesting to me. That really something I interested in, the idea of inarticulacy or dumbness Canada Goose sale.

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